Making Gains As A Petite Female In CrossFit

Hello Everyone! As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2 1/2 years. I weighed 98lbs when I first started CrossFit and I had weighed that since high school…I am 32 now by the way and weigh 108lbs. I am 5’1″ and smaller than the average female.

Slower Progress Than Most                                                                    

It can be very discouraging at times, because I see girls join my box and in six months they’re already lifting more weight than me. It used to bother me, but now I have accepted the fact that it’s just a little harder for me to make progress as quickly. I go four days a week, if I was to go five or six, I am sure I would see better results. So it’s definitely a time and effort thing as well.

If you think about it, for a female that weighs 140lbs and a female that weighs 110lbs, to both back squat 115lbs, it’s 82% of the girl that weighs 140lbs’ body weight. It’s 105% of the girl that weighs 110lbs’ body weight. So you can see that it’s more taxing on the smaller female.

Being Petite Does Have Its Advantages For Some Movements In CrossFit

There are lots of body weight movements in CrossFit. This is where being petite can be an advantage for us. We do lots of pull-ups, push-ups, air squats, lunges, handstand push-ups, and burpees. If your short you have less space between the top and bottom of your squat than a taller person does. You also have less weight to push and pull while you perform your push-ups and pull-ups.

There Are Some Elite Athletes That Are Petite

Take Alanna Fisk, she’s 26 years old, 4’11” and weighs 125lbs. She competed in the last four CrossFit Open and Regionals with her team CrossFit Exalted. They didn’t quite make it to the CrossFit games but they placed 10th in both the Regionals and the Open in 2018.

Alyssa Ritchey is another small athlete. She is also 4’11” and weighs 110lbs at 26 years old. She’s a professional weightlifter now but she did do CrossFit before switching to weightlifting. Alyssa placed 9th in the 2015 Regionals and 19th place in 2016 Regionals.

Its very motivating to follow these women on social media being a smaller female myself.

The Body Type That Wins The Games Keeps Changing In CrossFit        

Year after year the size of the athletes that have top finishes in the Games keeps growing. They keep lifting more and more weight year after year as well. People are pushing their bodies to new limits constantly. The number of smaller athletes keeps decreasing year after year. It seems that there is a certain “body type” for CrossFit. For men it’s weight around 200lbs and for women it’s weight around 140lbs.

How Strong Is Your Will

No matter how big or small you are, I think it’s more mental than anything. You can really do anything you put your mind to, and if you believe you can lift heavy and put the practice in then I believe you can too! So keep lifting!

I am still constantly improving my strength. Sometimes I hit plateaus but I just work through them and there’s always a PR (personal record) around the corner!





The List Of CrossFit WODs

Benchmark WODS

Benchmark WODs allow you to track your progress over time. They aren’t meant to be done too often. Try them maybe a couple times a year, record your score and hopefully you will see progression next time you perform that workout.

The Girls

Angie – 100 Pull-ups | 100 Push-ups | 100 Sit-ups | 100 Squats – For Time

Annie – 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders | Sit-ups

Barbara – 20 Pull-ups | 30 Push-ups | 40 Sit-ups | 50 Squats – 5 Rounds For Time

Chelsea – 5 Pull-ups | 10 Push-ups | 15 Squats – EMOM For 30 Minutes

Cindy – 5 Pull-ups | 10 Push-ups | 15 Squats – AMRAP In 20 Minutes

Diane – 21-15-9 Deadlift 225lb | Handstand Push-ups

Elizabeth – 21-15-9 Clean (135lb) | Ring Dips

Eva – 800 Meter Run | 30 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood) | 30 Pull-ups – 5 Rounds For Time

Fran – 21-15-9 Thrusters (95lb) | Pull-ups

Grace – Clean and Jerk (135lb) – 30 Reps

Helen – 400m Run | 21 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)  12 Pull-ups – 3 Rounds For Time

Isabel – Snatch (135lb) – 30 Reps

Jackie – 1000m Row | 50 Thrusters (45lb) | 30 Pull-ups

Karen – 150 Wall Balls (20/14lb) – For Time

Kelly – 400m Run | 30 Box Jumps | 30 Wall Balls (20/14lb) – 5 Rounds For Time

Linda – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  1.5 x Bodyweight Deadlift | Bodyweight Bench Press | .75 Bodyweight Clean

Lynne – Bodyweight Bench Press Max Reps | Pull-ups Max Reps – 5 Rounds For Max Reps

Mary – 5 Handstand Push-ups | 10 Pistols | 15 Pull-ups – AMRAP In 20 Minutes

Nancy – 400m Run | 15 Overhead Squats 95lb – 5 Rounds For Time

Nicole – 400m Run | Max Rep Pull-ups – AMRAP In 20 Minutes

Hero WODs

These WODS are names after Heros that have lost their lives in the line of duty. They are meant to be challenging and they are meant to honor the person they are named after. While performing these WODS we should be thinking of the people who have lost their lives for our freedom and how our suffering during this workout is nothing compared to what they’ve gone through.

JT – 21-15-9 Handstand Push-ups | Ring Dips | Push-ups – For Time

Michael – 800m Run | 50 Back Extensions | 50 Sit-ups – 3 Rounds For Time

Murph – Run 1600m | 100 Pull-ups | 200 Push-ups | 300 Squats | Run 1600m – Perform All With Weighted Vest – For Time

Daniel – 50 Pull-ups | 400m Run | 21 Thrusters (95/65lb) | 800m Run | 21 Thrusters | 400m Run | 50 Pull-ups – For Time

Josh – 21 Overhead Squats (95/65lb) | 42 Pull-ups | 15 Overhead Squats | 30 Pull-ups | 9 Overhead Squats | 18 Pull-ups – For Time

Jason – 100 Squats | 5 Muscle-ups | 75 Squats | 10 Muscle-ups | 50 Squats | 15 Mucsle-ups | 25 Squats | 20 Muscle-ups – For Time

Badger – 30 Squat Cleans (95/65lb) | 30 Pull-ups | 800m Run – 3 Rounds For Time

Joshie – 21 Dumbbell Squat Snatch (40lb) Right Arm | 21 L Pull-ups | 21 Dumbbell Squat Snatch Left Arm | 21 L Pull-ups – 3 Rounds For Time

Nate – 2 Muscle-ups | 4 Handstand Push-ups | 8 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood) – AMRAP In 20 Minutes

Tommy V – 21 Thrusters (115lb) | 12 15ft Rope Climbs | 15 Thrusters | 9 Rope Climbs | 9 Thrusters | 6 Rope Climbs – For Time

Griff – 800m Run | 400m Run Backwards | 800m Run | 400m Run Backwards – For Time

Ryan – 7 Muscle-ups | 21 Burpees – 5 Rounds For Time

Erin – 15 Dumbbell Split Clean (40lb) | 21 Pull-ups – 5 Rounds For Time

Mr. Joshua – 400m Run | 30 Glute-Ham Sit-ups | 15 Deadlift (250lb) – 5 Rounds For Time

Nutts – 10 Handstand Push-ups | 15 Deadlifts (250lb) | 25 Box Jumps (30in) | 50 Pull-ups | 100 Wall Balls | 200 Double Unders | 400m With A 45lb Plate – For Time

Danny – 30 Box Jumps | 20 Push Presses (115lb) | 30 Pull-ups – AMRAP In 20 Minutes

The Seven – 7 Handstand Push-ups | 7 Thrusters (135lb) | 7 Knees To Elbow | 7 Deadlifts (245lb) | 7 Burpees | 7 Kettlebell Swings (2 pood) | 7 Pull-ups – 7 Rounds For Time

Coe – 10 Thrusters (95lb) | 10 Ring Push-ups – 10 Rounds For Time

Whitten – 22 Kettlebell Swings (2 pood) | 22 Box Jumps | 400m Run | 22 Burpees | 22 Wall Balls – 5 Rounds For Time

Bull – 200 Double Unders | 50 Overhead Squats (135lb) | 50 Pull-ups | 1600m Run – 2 Rounds For Time

Holbrook – 5 Thrusters (115lb) | 10 Pull-ups | 100m Sprint | Rest 1 Minute – 10 Rounds, Each For Time

Weaver – 10 L Pull-ups | 15 Push-ups | 15 Chest To Bar Pull-ups | 15 Push-ups | 20 Pull-ups | 15 Push-ups – 4 Rounds For Time

Unfortunately there are many more, these are just some of the more popular ones.

Report Your Results

I’ve done about seven of the Benchmark WODs and only a couple of the Hero WODs in my 2 1/2 years of CrossFit. Try some of them and come back and tell us how you did!






Gaining Weight Doing CrossFit?

The Dreaded Question…

Does doing CrossFit make you gain weight? This is obviously usually more of a concern for women. The answer is it depends, but it most certainly can. It did in my case.

My Own Experience

Let’s talk about someone like me first. I’ve always been pretty scrawny at 5’1” and 98 pounds my whole teen and adult life. It’s taken me almost 2 years, but I’ve gained 10 pounds of pure muscle since starting Crossfit. I didn’t have any weight or fat to lose before I started.

My mom always used to tell me that I needed to put some meat on my bones, well now it’s there and it feels great to have muscle definition! I don’t feel like a strong wind is going to blow me over, haha!

What I’ve Noticed

As far as other body types go, before starting CrossFit, if you are someone whose overweight and wanting to lose, the weight loss is going to be less noticeable because you are burning fat and building muscle at the same time. You will lose inches but the scale may stay around the same. Don’t let this number get you down in the beginning, you’re only getting into better shape, which is great! The scale doesn’t matter as much when you’re doing CrossFit. It’s about being healthy and happy with the way you look.                          

If you’re already fit before starting CrossFit, well then that’s great for you because you’ll only be adding more muscle and more definition to you are probably already sculpted body!

Everything here is just my opinion and I am definitely not an expert. Here’s an article from CrossFit Journal about a woman who started CrossFit at 165 pounds and three years later still weighs 165 pounds and is much healthier.

How Diet Plays A Role     

So as I’ve said on my About Me page, I’ve always been one to eat whatever, whenever I wanted and not gain weight. Well as I’m noticing lately, diet has a very important role in performance. I’ve been too stubborn to see it.

I definitely have a sugar addiction. I tell myself, “Oh, I do Crossfit at least 4 times a week, I don’t need to change my diet”. Finally, I’m now realizing how wrong my thinking has been. I’m about to be 33 and I notice that when I eat bad I start to develope that tiny pooch under my belly button.

So diet has a huge impact on performance and overall results from you are workout regimen!

The Paleo Diet

When I first started CrossFit I kept hearing about this Paleo diet. It’s big in the CrossFit world. It’s what cavemen used to eat before the agriculture era came about. It’s a diet full of meats, vegetables, seeds, nuts and berries, low carbohydrate, high protein and lots of veggies.

I tried this Paleo Diet and I noticed that I really toned up! Being someone who has never “dieted” a day in my life, I fell off pretty soon after.

Since then, I have dabbled in keto, Whole 30, vegetarianism, none which I stuck with because of the poor eating habits and not an will power I have. Sad, I know.

After all those attempts, I must say I had the best results while trying the Paleo Diet.

The Zone Diet

Zone Food Pyramid



This diet is said to go hand in hand with CrossFit. I’ve never tried it. More information about it here.

“The Zone Diet amplifies and accelerates the benefits of the CrossFit regimen. CrossFit’s best performers are Zoning. When our second tier athletes commit to “strict” adherence to Zone parameters they quickly surpass their peers.” This excerpt is from an article written by Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit.

A Better Understanding

I hope this post will help you to understand the benefits of nutrition while practicing a fitness regimen like CrossFit. Please add you are input in the comments section if you would like to share you are knowledge or a personal experience.



CrossFit Terminology

The Many CrossFit Terms

When you first start CrossFit you may look at the whiteboard and think you’re looking at another language. Here I will define the common CrossFit terminology that you will see on a regular basis.

AMRAP – As Many Reps (or rounds) As Possible

ATG – Ass to Grass: Get lower in your squat

Box – What CrossFit gyms are referred to as

BP – Bench Press

BS – Back Squat

BW – Bodyweight

C&J – Clean and Jerk

CFT – CrossFit Total: Combined total of max squat, max shoulder press, and max deadlift

CFWU – CrossFit Warm-up

CLN – Clean

DHP – Dead Hang Pull

DL – Deadlift

EMOM – Every Minute On The Minute

FS – Front Squat

GHD – Glute Ham Developer

HERO WOD – Benchmark CrossFit workouts that are named after our fallen law enforcement, firefighters, and military. These workouts are named to honor the person they’re named after.

HRPU – Hand Release Push Up

HSPU – Hand Stand Push Up

HSQ – Hang Squat

KtE or K2E – Knees To Elbow

KB – Kettlebell

MetCon – Metabolic Conditioning Workout

MP – Military Press

MU – Muscle Up

OHS – Overhead Squat

PC – Power Clean

PD –  Pood: Weight measurement for kettlebell

PP – Push Press

PR – Personal Record

PUPull Up or Push Up

RM – Repitition Maximum

RX – As Prescribed

SDHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull

SN – Snatch

TtB or T2B – Toes To Bar

TGU – Turkish Get-Up

WOD – Workout Of The Day   

Hopefully this will prepare you or refresh your memory on the most important CrossFit terms and help all the mumbo jumbo make sense. If you have any questions or noticed that I haven’t added a common term, please comment below!







History of CrossFit

A Little Info

CrossFit is a very new fitness regimen, it was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Laura Jenai.

CrossFit is also known as functional fitness because you can use the movements you learn in everyday life, like picking up and moving heavy objects for example.

Choosing a box

When you make the decision to start CrossFit, you need to choose a “box”, which is CrossFit lingo for a gym.

Any place that has “CrossFit” in the name is an affiliate gym. They have to uphold to specific standards and they need to be certified by CrossFit to coach.

Most boxes will let you try a class for free before joining. The cost of membership is quite a bit higher than your regular globo gyms. With that membership, though, you do get one on one time with the coach, which is almost like having a personal trainer. Classes are scheduled for one hour blocks.

Just make sure you feel comfortable where you decide to sign up. I’ve noticed that different boxes have different intensity levels. Not everybody is trying to make it to the CrossFit games. Sometimes it’s just your average Joe’s (like me) looking to get into the best shape of their lives.

Your coaches should love to see you progress and be there to answer any questions you may have. This box you choose will be a friendly community that you’re joining.

What to expect

Classes run for one hour. They usually start with everyone gathering around the board where they write down the “WOD” which is the workout of the day. The coach will describe the warm up and the workout and maybe at this time they will demonstrate the movements.

Everything in CrossFit can be modified depending on your skill level. This is one of the great things about CrossFit. Anyone can participate whether you’re eight or eighty!

On your way

Now you’re on your way to finding the right box for you. I hope these few tips will help you along the way. Feel free to chime in on the comments below, or if you have any questions. Until next time, Natasha


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CrossFit is definitely a journey, mentally and physically. It’s a roller coaster of emotions because once you think you have a one movement down, you try another one and its like starting all over again. That’s the beauty of it though!

I wish you the best in your CrossFit journey.


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